Jan Van Zonligt


All around fashion and beauty photographer from Berlin/Paris 🙂

He Is always on the move. A nomad of modern times with German and Dutch roots, he was born in Austria and raised in the heart of Bavaria, Munich, where he finished high school. Soon thereafter he leftt the heimat to work in Paris at the legendary PinUp Photostudios as an assistant of photography to many reknowned photographers, while studying at Speos Photography School. When one of the photographers grants every assistant in the studio 15 minutes of time to shoot his model, Jan takes the leap and loves the results-a revelatory moment. Following Paris he then moves to Miami where he graduates in fashion photography and editorial design at Miami Ad School.

Since he got his first camera from his mom, Jan was known for always carrying it around with him, and as a teenager incessantly taking photos of his friends and surrounding. His thirst for new objects to capture became a true passion and soon turned into his vocation, which is why, back in Europe, he still travels a lot and knows the swings and roundabouts of living out of a suitcase too well.

Fashion and Beauty are JVZ’s area of expertise. Yet in the recent years, rooted in his own kaleidoscopic lifestyle he devotes most of his spare time to lifestyle photography, where his mind and eyes are free to capture what he wants; from Travel, Portraiture to the simple moments in life.

Still carrying a camera around anywhere he goes, his accessory of choice ranges from the small digital Ricoh to one of his polaroids, his Nikon DSLR or his large Pentax 6×7; as long as it shoots he will use it to catch a glimpse of the life of others and his own.

written by Hosnya at Alu Magazine