Truck Tarp Camera Bag

[Unashamed. Authentic. Street]

Unashamed of its origins.

Bandit is 100% recycled from shit people don’t want – rubber truck tarpaulins, seat belts and inner tubes. We see the awesomeness in these materials and unashamedly resurrect them back to life.

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Each Truck Tarp camera bag has its own stories. Stories of black highways. Stories of cargo. Stories of people and long distance travel. Each story is engraved in its skin – no two bags are the same.

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Born from the street. Resurrected to the street. Tough, durable, waterproof and guaranteed to be with you for life. Capture the next set of stories with your new buddy and co-worker.

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Essential Details

Bandit Truck Tarp Camera Bag

Heavy Duty Shell

First of all, recycle, reuse and upcycle. Our camera bags are made from the real stuff! Robust and durable truck tarps. Hand cut by our artisans. Then washed – but not to be perfectly refurbished – but to a stage that they will not dirty your clothes. So all scars and imperfections stay on them – We call it ‘patina’.

Bandit Truck Tarp Camera Bag

Going Strong

As befits a true Bandit, our bags are finished with super solid and sturdy zippers, thick velcro, carrying seat belts, even inner tubes, and flannel shirts. Making sure this bag can take a lot in the line of any photography attempt.

Bandit Truck Tarp Camera Bag
Spacious interior

But don’t get deceived by its compact looks. The bag has 2 removable dividers (one of them can become a handy extra mini-pocket) so you can arrange the space your way. Fits easily a mirrorless camera with 2 lenses and accessories. Perfect for everyday street and smaller excursions.

German Design Award 2018 WINNER Sailor Strap

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