Alex Lambrechts

Great Britain

All around fashion//lifestyle photographer from London, Uk 

Alex Lambrechts, late in November 2009, picked up camera! However, this wasn’t a first, his parents owned Photographic labs, where he spent much of his teenage years after school & during holidays helping/working. These years of experience led to a high proficiency in camera & photographic equipment control, as well as film processing, printing and other related strengths. It’s this solid grounding (paired with his Branding, Marketing and Art Direction experience) which allowed Alex to now concentrate on artistic composition, lighting, timing, feel and most importantly, allowing him to be spontaneous and intuitive in his approach.

He began photographing his friends at events he was hosting, again, never one for taking things slowly, only months into this new obsession, he was already exhibiting a selection from his documentary work ‘Almost Famous’ at a Mayfair Gallery and more recently Alex’s Images headlined the well attended ‘Feeling Good’ exhibition for the David Lynch Foundation at Getty Images Gallery in London during ‘Art month’ of October 2013, as well as no less than two New York Galleries at the same time.

In what seems like only a blink in time, he has amassed numerous international clients, and is frequently traveling the globe shooting for various Magazines, Brands, Companies, Music & Fashion Labels. Whilst he is well recognized for his ‘Quirky, often Edgy’ Children’s campaigns, and incorporating a ‘raw/street documentary’ style to his fashion editorials, Alex is forever closely studying the Masters of past & present, and is most passionate about the genres of ‘Social Documentary and Street Photography’ of which he is tirelessly working on personal projects…