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Alex Coghe. Mexico.

Alex Coghe. Sailor Strap Brand Ambassador

Alex Coghe Is an Italian Photojournalist based in Mexico. All over these years, he has been busy to document the daily life in Mexico, Italy, US. Alex Coghe is currently director of the magazines THE STREET PHOTOGRAPHER NOTEBOOK, VOX PHOTO and STRADE dedicated to street photography and photojournalism. With many books […]

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Dominik Gralak. Poland.

Dominik Gralak. Sailor Strap Ambassador

Dominik Gralak Independent photographer, born in 1985 in Wrocław, Surfing and photography are an inseparable couple. I can say that I regret a little of the time I spent on previous trips without a camera. Photography as a field of art is not a new chapter for me because it […]

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Karolina Jonderko. Poland.

karolina jonderko brand ambassador

Karolina Jonderko Born in 1985 in Rydułtowy. Member of Napo Images Agency. Karolina is an award winning photographer with the master degree in photography from the Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Lodz. She is based in Poland and works on verity of her projects both locally and […]

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Sam Taylor. United Kingdom.

sam taylor brand ambassador

Sam Taylor Alternative beauty, fashion and street photographer from Leeds, UK. The reaction from the light to develop an image was the draw of photography for me, how light could hit a sensor or film and produce a photograph, a moment which would otherwise go undocumented and lost in time. […]

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Błażej Żuławski. Poland.

Blazej Zulawski Sailor Strap Ambassador

Błażej Żuławski Comes from a family of writers and filmmakers, so it was kind of written in stone that he should go and study cinematography at the famous Łódź film school.  He didn’t go out and make films in Hollywood, though. Instead he became a fashion and automotive photographer and […]

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Charles Wolford. Czech Rep.

Charles Wolford Sailor Strap Brand Ambassador

Charles Wolford Hard Rock / Tattoo Photographer, USA/CZ. Charles Wolford is an American photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic. After first purchasing a camera in 2008, Charles began taking photos at small concert venues, gradually building a portfolio that has come to include some of the biggest artists in hard […]

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Paweł Kosicki. Poland.

Pawel kosicki sailor strap ambassador photographer

Paweł Kosicki.  Freelance art / street photographer from Poznan / Pl. Pawel Kosicki, a freelance photographer, born in Poznan lives in Warsaw. Member of Association of Polish Art Photographers ZPAF. In the 90’s, worked as a press photographer for “Wprost” Magazine. Graduate of Warsaw School of Film, participant workshops with National […]

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Jan Van Zonligt. Germany.

jan van zonligt sailor strap ambassador

Jan Van Zonligt.  All around fashion and beauty photographer from Berlin/Paris 🙂 He Is always on the move. A nomad of modern times with German and Dutch roots, he was born in Austria and raised in the heart of Bavaria, Munich, where he finished high school. Soon thereafter he leftt the heimat to work in […]

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Verone Pangilinan. USA.

Verone Pangilinan

Verone Pangilinan. Based in California, but works across the globe on some very cool photographic projects. He specializes in luxury and lifestyle imagery. His work has been featured in publications such as Heavy Hitters, Super Street, Dub, and Top Gear Philippines. He has worked with some amazing companies including Monarchy […]

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Paweł Bajew. Poland.

Paweł Bajwe aka Kroomen sailor strap brand ambassador

Paweł Bajew, aka Kroomen.  Self-taught artist photographer from Puławy in Poland. Author of many authorial photography exhibitions. He has begun his adventure with photography in 2007. With his “Dziwadła” series he took the 3rd place in the 1st edition of the “International Festival of Photography by the Young in Jarosław […]

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