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Wonder what your camera will look like with Sailor Strap gear? Check out our photographer gallery below:

Hasselblad handmade camera strap

Hasselblad. Satisfied customer from Thailand.

Hasselblad Camera owned by Kanawat equipped with our custom made Skinny Jimmy neck strap, specially designed to fit a hassy. Hand crafted by an artisan from a 8mm thick black sailing rope and cognac …
Bandit handmade camera bag

Bandit. Satisfied customer from New York.

Bandit Camera bag handcrafted from truck tarps, seat belts, and inner tubes. With interiors finished with a flannel shirt. Product totally made in the process of creative reuse aka upcycling. Proudly…
Leica M6 camera strap

Leica M6. Satisfied customer from California.

Leica M6 Camera owned by Juan equipped with our Commodore Combat Green Large Neck Strap. Hand crafted by an artisan from a 12mm thick dark green sailing rope and cognac brown, genuine Italian le…
X-pro2 camera strap

X-pro2. Satisfied customer from Italy.

X-pro2 Newest camera by Fujifilm owned by Archi equipped with our Skinny Jimmy DeLuxe neck camera strap. Made from an olive green sailing rope and cognac brown, up-cycled, genuine Italian leather. W…
x-pro2 Sailor Strap

X-pro2. Satisfied customer from Hong Kong.

X-pro2 Newest camera by Fujifilm owned by Farzaan equipped with our all time favorite Black El Capitan neck camera strap. Made from a black sailing rope and black, upcycled, genuine Italian leat…
Leica Q handmade strap

Leica Q. Satisfied customer from Sweden.

Leica Q Camera owned by Simon, equipped with our hand crafted Lieutenant Krampus strap. Made with a black rope and marlboro red, upcycled italian leather. What a great set!
Fujifilm X-pro2 hand crafted camera strap

Fujifilm X-pro2. Satisfied customer from Texas.

Fujifilm X-pro2 Newest camera from the Japanese manufacturer owned by Tami. Equipped with our Lieutenant Krampus neck camera strap. Made from a 10mm black sailing rope and marlboro red upcycled, …
Leica M6 with handmade camera strap

Leica M6. Satisfied customer from Italy.

Leica M6 Camera owned by Piero equipped with our all time favorite Lieutenant Krampus Large Neck Strap. Hand crafted by an artisan from a 10mm thick black sailing rope and marlboro red genuine Ita…
fujifilm-x-t2 camera strap handmade

Fujifilm X-T2. Satisfied customer from Ohio.

Fujifilm X-T2 Camera owned by Shout Out Studio, equipped with our silky Lieutenant Olive Neck Strap made from olive green sailing rope and cognac brown  genuine leather (recycled). Hand crafte…
fujifilm-x-t2 camera strap

Fujifilm X-T2. Satisfied customer from Ontario.

Fujifilm X-T2 Camera owned by Paul, equipped with our silky Lieutenant Krampus Neck Strap  made from black sailing rope and marlboro red  genuine leather (recycled). Hand crafted by an artisan.
fujifilm-x70 camera strap

Fujifilm X70. Satisfied customer from Italy.

Fujifilm X70 Camera owned by Gianluca, with our Combat Green Skinny Jimmy Neck Strap. Strap made from a 8mm thick sailing rope finished with genuine Italian leather (upscaled). Hand stitched togeth…

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