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El Capitan Neck Strap from will do the trick if you want to go a little exotic on camera straps and want the real sailor …

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If you have been following my strap reviews in the past, you might have noticed that I have never been the biggest “strap fan”. Well, it might be slowly changing…

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 Check out my full review video which includes lots of inserted images…

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The Sailor Strap. With a variety of colors from royal blue to olive and standard black, sturdy stainless steel rings to attached the strap and Italian leather they look great, but how do they perform with daily use…

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Once I got a better grip on my Fujifilm X100T, I thought it may be a good idea to try a neck strap. I’ve been avoiding it since I’ve had DSLR because of their weight and the stress it gives to my poor and delicate neck I wanted something comfortable but also easy to fold and put in my pocket with the camera…

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In this video, I review the camera strap I am using on my Leica M6 made by Sailor Strap in Poland…

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People like to personalize their cameras and one great way of doing this is simply by swapping out the OEM camera strap for an aftermarket version.  Unfortunately, sometimes it can cost a lot to get a decent one.  Well, a new camera strap manufacturer has released straps that promise both handcrafted workmanship…

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We’re so lucky to have had an awesome package from a unique company, in our search for the perfect camera straps we stumbled across them. Every single one of their products is created by hand using incredibly strong materials that you’ll often see being deployed on sea fairing ships…

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If it is true that the prize for the most popular kind of camera strap material goes to leather, then straps made from sailing ropes certainly get the prize for the most unique. So far, Mathieu and I have had the pleasure of trying out handcrafted sailing rope straps from…

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